Friday, August 1, 2014

So my dad caught me yesterday.

So my dad caught me yesterday.

I had just finished my bowl and had put everything away. I was laying down waiting for my laptop to turn on so I could watch some anime. (New sword art online episode). I see a shadow outside in the hallway and my dad comes around the corner. I assumed he was going to tell me he"s leaving(I knew he was going to a family party thing) he then asks "have you been smoking pot?" I didn"t exactly know what to say, but I knew he wouldn"t be that mad. I"ve thought about what I"d say to him or my mom if either of them caught me. I told him I had been and he says "dude, I"ve been smelling it outside for the past week and I couldn"t figure out where it had been coming from. I don"t care one bit, you"re 18. I"ve been doing it since I was 13, so that"s over 35+ years. I have no problem with it." At this point I"m seeing if my finger will go through my palm(lucid dreaming reality check) because I honestly did not think it was real. He said for now on, just go outside on the porch and I don"t have to hide it anymore. He said my mom wouldn"t be that upset if she found out because she still tokes up once in a while. He"s not telling her though, he"s leaving that decision up to me.

Tl;dr – dad caught me, doesn"t care. He does it too.

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So my dad caught me yesterday.

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